North Road Ventures: Bringing cannabis products to market

Medicinal cannabis products

Currently at North Road Ventures, we’re focused on distributing branded and white-label medical marijuana, with high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, high cannabidiol (CBD) content and a 50/50 mix of the two.

Liberty Leaf Holdings Ltd., which acquired North Road Ventures in 2016, has contracted with Cannabis Compliance Inc. to amend North Road’s current application with Health Canada. The amendment would increase our authorized distribution capacity, as well as giving us the green light to add new products.


Cannabis oils

North Road Ventures plans to include at least three different proprietary cannabis oil formulations, with differing proportions of THC to CBDs in each one. Consumers have different needs, some desiring a high THC content and others only requiring CBDs.

Our company’s product stock-keeping units (SKUs) will vary with consumer preferences and demands, although we expect that cannabis oil with both THC and CBDs will be the market leader.

Cannabis delivery mechanisms are continually changing – and we will keep adapting our packaging and concentration levels to match consumer preferences in this expanding product line.


Edibles are an alternative to smoking or vaporizing marijuana. This is made by infusing cannabis with food, and it is becoming one of the most popular ways of consuming cannabis.

Many people prefer edibles because while being easier to ingest, they may offer a longer, more relaxing high.

Stay tuned for exciting edibles from North Road

North Road Ventures

We are an emerging distributor of cultivated and manufactured cannabis products to licensed legal retailers.

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