Head office and warehouse

North Road Ventures’ head office and warehouse facilities are located in Greater Vancouver, in a commercial/industrial area with other distributors. This area is municipality-approved and securely away from residential developments and schools.


North Road Ventures will offer an impressive Level 8 vault capacity– meaning we’ll be able to house $6.25 million in bulk cannabis products.

Even more exciting, we will easily – and inexpensively – be able to upgrade and expand this modular vault to a Level 9. When that happens, North Road can achieve an inventory capacity of up to $31.25 million of cannabis products.
It’s important to note that the revenues under these conditions are determined by the number of inventory “turns” that occur in the vault. Assuming the reasonable scenario that we’ll be replenishing the vault every yearly quarter, you can see that the resulting revenue generated from a Level 9 vault will be substantial.


North Road Ventures

We are an emerging distributor of cultivated and manufactured cannabis products to licensed legal retailers.

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