The distribution of North Road Ventures’ products will fall under the authority of provincial and territorial regulatory bodies. For that reason, the pipeline to market will differ by jurisdiction.

Some distribution will occur through Liquor Control Boards or similar outlets. We also envisage that, in certain cases, we will be leveraging relationships with sales agents and retailers.


Transportation and distribution network

North Road will ship our products via secure transportation, reputable courier services and Canada Post, using the Trans-Canada Highway. As supply chains become more defined, we will leverage sales agents and retailers to distribute both our medicinal and recreational products, in line with guidelines established by each province and territory.


We’re also excited about a very promising distribution channel: automatic dispensing machines. These machines can be pass-code-protected for those with prescriptions.

Ultimately the automatic dispensing machines will likely also provide products to recreational customers.



Secure, efficient, innovative distribution


North Road Ventures

We are an emerging distributor of cultivated and manufactured cannabis products to licensed legal retailers.

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